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Latitude now El Camino Brunch

Posted in Uncategorized by Missy Shana on April 23, 2012

The other day we tried the brunch at Latitude, which is soon to be renamed as El Camino, on Main & 16th street. At first glance and from the outside Latitude kind of looks like a men’s clothing store rather than a latin american street food restaurant (hence the name change?). But when you enter you will find that it is a pretty classy joint. The restaurant decor is minimal; a few leather booths, a straight row of tables lined against a concrete wall covered with dramatic stenciled graffiti. I’m not totally up to snuff on my spanish but I believe the graffiti said something about recovering from a revolution, don’t quote me on that ’cause for all I know it probably says “Enjoy your meal and thanks for coming!”

The brunch menu consists of a number of south american style meals such as tacos and burritos, as well as some intriguing traditional dishes from Uruguay, Chili and Colombia.

I ordered the Huevos Divorciados which features two sunny up eggs on crisp corn tortillas, black beans, feta, separated by salsa verde and salsa roja, with hashbrowns. This is a light and healthy breakfast with plenty of flavour. My only complaint was that when I finished my meal I was still hungry for more! Although it was a fair portion, but not astounding like something you would be served at a chain breakfast restaurant. That being said, the food at Latitude (El Camino) is definitely above average in taste.

When I asked the waiter about the story of name change I didn’t really get a proper answer. He mentioned something about how they will be introducing some more dishes of the same genre, but other than that he wasn’t really informed on the process. Whatever changes the owners plan on implementing, I wish them luck and hope it works out for the best.

Latitude is currently only open for brunch on weekends and dinner and drinks seven days a week until late. Give it a try if you’re in the neighbourhood and in the mood for something a little different.

El Camino (formerly known as Latitude)
3250 Main St
Vancouver, BC

Latitude on Urbanspoon


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