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2 Chefs and a Table…and really bad music

Posted in Breakfast by Missy Shana on August 30, 2011

The Railtown district in Vancouver is not a very frequented one, but is truly a hidden gem in Vancouver. There are eclectic buildings, doorways and cafes at almost every turn. 2 Chefs and a Table is one of those hidden gems, located within the hidden gem of Railtown.

You’re like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a vest” – Lisa Simpson

It didn’t matter that there was a 30 minute wait, or that it was absolutely sweltering outside while we waited, or the fact that there were empty tables that were waiting to be sat in. 2 Chefs an a Table is one of the most charming restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at.

The menu was not extensive, but rather refined to a single page of gourmet temptations. The kind of place where you don’t dare make customizations to your meal because you know that this is the way the meal should be eaten and must be eaten. I settled on the Spring Omelette which featured roasted vegetables, basil pesto, and parmesan cheese. Served with seasoned potatoes and whole wheat toast. The Omelette satisfied my hunger, albeit I didn’t see or taste a speck of pesto or Parmesan anywhere on my plate. And we all know that Parmesan is not exactly a mild cheese. Still, I was happy because my eyes were being seduced by the romantic interior design and the rustic structure of the building.

The experience wasn’t perfect. Unfortunately, this restaurant does not have a resident DJ, or anyone with a hint of music knowledge that could suss out some appropriate tunes for such a lovely atmosphere. At one point I heard two Taylor Swift songs in a row, blasted so loud I couldn’t even keep up a conversation with my dining partner. Bad music (or inappropriate music) is so distracting. I think there was one Frank Sinatra song thrown into the mix but the rest of the music was an awful array of artificial Top 40 radio hits that just didn’t suit the venue or their target customer, in my opinion.

Would I go back to 2 Chefs and a Table again? Yes. Do I pray every night that they will find someone to curate some appropriate music that will compliment the experience? Hell yes.

2 Chefs and a Table
305 Alexander St
Vancouver, BC.

Brunch weekends from 9:30am-2pm

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